Frequently Asked Questions
When disaster strikes, there are often many questions about what to do, but not a lot of time for answers - Just reliable help fast. Below are some answers to some of your questions and we hope they will help you feel more comfortable about calling QRS. We have grouped questions in five simple categories below.

What to do when disaster strikes

What steps do I need to take after a disaster?
First and foremost, the well-being of any of those involved in a disaster must be attended to immediately. When dealing with your physical property and its contents, you should leave everything in its current state and only move contents for emergency purposes or to retain personal valuables.

What phone calls do I need to make?
Call your insurance company as soon as possible to open a claim. Also, your policy may allow for immediate financial assistance. Companies such as QRS, specialize in restoration of real and personal property and should be contacted as soon as possible. You can call QRS at 1-800-393-5993.

How do I protect exposed real and personal property after a disaster?
QRS is on call 24/7 to respond quickly to avoid further damage. Often, it is necessary to board-up real property to alleviate further damage as a result of water, fire or smoke. We can usually be on-site within 2 hours, depending on your location. For personal property, QRS will remove all items to avoid further exposure and can securely store those items for you while we evaluate and repair them to their pre-loss condition.

Do I need to wait for the insurance company before I take any steps to preserve my property?
No. Your insurance company recognizes that you need to take the necessary steps to mitigate any further damages or loss. Protecting your assets will in no way impact your insurance claim. However, before any repairs take place, you do want to make sure you have approval from your carrier.

If I sustain substantial property damage, where will I live?
Your insurance policy should allow for additional living expenses (ALE) that will offset any costs for temporary housing.

What if I need immediate attention to certain items, such as clothing, computers, or vital documents?
QRS can assist with any of these items or other personal property in most cases within 24 – 48 hours.

Water Damage

If I have experienced water damage, what should I do first?
The free-standing water must be removed as quickly as possible. QRS has industrial water extraction machines that will quickly eradicate free standing water. Once we remove the water, it is important that we facilitate air circulation to expedite the drying process.

Remove contents above or away from the water as soon as possible. You can either move items to a safe location or another room, or set plastic or small blocks of wood underneath items. Metal items will rust and can stain carpets, so it is important to remove them quickly. Our teams at QRS handle water extraction in an efficient and expeditious manner.

Should I turn on the heat to facilitate drying of my real or personal property?
Do not turn on the heat, as this can cause additional damage if items are dried too fast. Secondary damage can be caused, such as cracking, splitting and warping of furniture or other personal items.

What is the likelihood that my real and personal property can be restored after water damage?
Of course, we will need to assess the extent of the water damage. When we are notified in a timely fashion, restoration is generally successful in most cases.

What kind of damage can occur if treatment is delayed?
Property and structural damage will increase exponentially the longer water is allowed to sit. If water seeps into walls or floor boards, additional damage can occur and this may result in more complex and costly repairs. Remember, depending on environmental conditions, mold can begin to grow in 12 - 24 hours of water exposure, so it is important to respond quickly to any type of water damage.

What do I do about saturated carpeting?
Carpeting must be lifted and removed, however, can be dried on-site. It is important to provide as much air circulation to carpeting as soon as possible to protect the integrity of your carpeting and to prevent any mold growth.

What do I do if the water contains sewage?
Do not take any steps on your own. Bacteria in contaminated water can be dangerous and needs to be dealt with by a professional with the appropriate protective gear. QRS can provide these types of services.

Smoke & Fire Damage

In the event of fire, how do I determine what is recoverable?
Often, resulting fire damage can seem like a total loss, but in reality, reconstruction and recovery of personal property is possible. Of course, there is no recourse for completely burned items, however, your insurance policy should cover replacement costs. Most smoke damaged items can be restored to their original condition. Your claims adjuster and QRS estimators will work diligently to assess the extent of any fire and smoke damage with a goal to make repairs or to restore personal property as soon as possible.

Can I remove the smoke smell from my property?
Yes. A process that includes ozoning changes the molecular properties that cause the smoke smell. Once these properties are changed, the smoke smell is completely removed.

Can I salvage my electrical items as a result of fire, heat or smoke?
Yes, as long the structural integrity of the item is in tact. Electrical items need to be washed and cleaned in special detergents to remove any particles that may cause further decay to any circuitry boards. Items are completely disassembled and reassembled after cleaning and metal or plastic surfaces can be restored to their original luster. All electrical items are tested for quality assurance and if repairs or parts exceed the value of the item, we will notify your insurance carrier for complete replacement.

Who is best qualified for reconstruction and interior damage repair as a result of fire?
Structural and interior damage, as result of fire or smoke, requires specific expertise by a licensed restoration contractor. Due to the need for a unique combination of carpentry and specialized cleaning and repair services, fire damage restoration cannot be handled by a typical commercial builder or contractor. QRS is a licensed restoration contractor with the experience, qualifications and resources for fire damage reconstruction and interior restoration.

Working with QRS, Inc.

Do you provide written estimates, and are your rates within acceptable industry standards?
We provide written estimates, which must be approved in writing before we begin any job. All of our rates are competitive and in line with industry standards and are acceptable by major insurance carriers.

What geographic markets to you service?
We service all markets in California. In most cases, our teams can be on-site within 2 hours.

How can I track the status of any work being performed?
An account manager is assigned to every job and you can call us toll free anytime to find out account status. Our number is 1-800-393-5993.

Who can I call if I have questions during restoration or repair?
You can call your account manager or reference your job number and anyone at QRS should be able to assist you.

What do I do about damaged artwork or other highly valuable items?
If any items are damaged under our care, we will reimburse you up to the original value, considering the item was able to be repaired or restored. Otherwise, any damaged items should be covered under your insurance policy.

Where are my items are stored and are they safe?
Your items are stored in our 30,000 square foot facility which is completely secure with a state-of-the art security system. Highly valuable items are stored in locked vaults which are completely fire protected as well. The entire facility has a sprinkler system so if case of fire, damage can be contained.

Will my personal items or furniture look like they did prior to damage?
Most items can be restored to pre-loss condition and rarely can you tell a difference. Of course, depending on the extent of the damage and the type of damage, it may not be possible to perfectly restore certain items. In these cases, your insurance carrier may consider this a total loss and you can be reimbursed for replacement value.

Are all of your personnel employed by QRS?
All key personnel are QRS employees. There are situations, however, that may require specialists to ensure that your losses are properly cared for. QRS has an extensive network of specialists that meet our high standards for quality, and we take full responsibility for any work that we are contracted to complete.

Will you handle all communications with insurance carriers?
Yes. As a matter of fact, many of the insurance carriers prefer that we communicate directly with them so they can get an accurate assessment of losses, as well as, estimates and schedules for any restoration or reconstruction work performed. Our people have extensive experience working with insurance carriers and are happy to assist you throughout the entire claims process.

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