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Qualified Restoration Specialists is located in Orange, California and features an 8,000 climate controlled warehouse, a full response security system, and individual vaults well organized for your valued items. We transport your personal property with the utmost care in our own vehicles and all items are carefully photographed, documented and inventoried.  In our facilities, our Specialists have the experience and skills to meticulously ensure restoration of all items to pre-loss condition.

All work is performed by certified technicians.  We use the most updated equipment available for:

• Commercial/ Residential Drying & Water Extraction
• Corrosion Control
• Circuitry Testing
• Structure Dry-Down
• Moisture Reading & Testing
• Sewage Extraction Remediation
• Mold Inspection, Causation, Containment & Remediation
• Re-upholstery, Furniture Color Matching & Deodorization

Max Ver Hogenvuis
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